Defensive Driving Texas

Approved by the State of Texas and County Courts

For Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Discount

Driving Lessons from the Bible

Driving Lessons from the Bible

It happens to everyone - but we here at Christian Defensive Driving are here to help and encourage!

It’s our mission to guide you through it with a prayer and a smile.

State and Court Approved

This traffic safety course is approve by Texas State and all Texas Courts for Traffic Ticket dismissal and Insurance Discount. Click to see our official license.

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Lessons from the Bible

You might be wondering, what is Christian Defensive Driving all about? How can a book that was given to us almost 2000 years, before the automobile was created, teach us anything about driving? Since all scripture is good for teaching, and one can find meaning if one seeks and finds it through the Bible, the book that has had so much influence on our civilization should influence all areas of our lives. Applying Christ’s teachings to driving is no different than applying His teachings on how we work at our job to treating others. A course like this just makes lots of sense. The Golden Rule of this course is to teach you how to drive around others the way you would want others to drive around you.

Driver Safety Lessons From The Bible

State approved driver safety course for ticket dismissal and insurance discount.

Using the good book to navigate on modern roads.

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Christian Defensive Driving is pleased to be approved by the State of Texas to offer you a TDLR certified TX Defensive Driving Course. View our certification. TDLR School/Course Provider Name: Christian Defensive Driving.



Christian Defensive Driving is dedicated to providing financial assistance to charities who serve both a local and global mission. Currently we are working with numerous groups to best serve the state of Texas and communities abroad. We believe that giving back to God's children is the first step to understanding why it is better to give than to receive.


  • Is your course approved by the state of Texas? Yes, both the classroom and online version of our Defensive Driving course are approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Only TDLR approved schools can offer certificates that are accepted by Texas courts and insurance companies.
  • Do I have to know anything about Christianity or the Bible to take this course? No. The Bible is used as a frame of reference to teach the course. No previous religious studies are required or needed to participate and/or to enjoy the course. Each chapter is designed to use biblical values in a way to make greater points about being a better driver through the scripture’s wisdom and stories.
  • Are there any reasons that I would not be eligible to take the Christian Defensive Driving Course for ticket dismissal purposes? Reasons you would not be eligible to take a Driving Safety Course for ticket dismissal purposes:
    • You have a Commercial Driver License (CDL)
    • You don’t admit guilt or refuse to sign a statement that you do not dispute or challenge the ticket (Nolo Contendere)
    • Your ticket was for speeding 25mph faster than the posted speed limit
    Remember, the court makes the final decision on whether tickets will be dismissed by taking a driving safety course. Therefore, contact the court before taking the driving safety course to dismiss a ticket. Keep in mind, courses to dismiss a ticket can only be taken once every 12 months.
  • What happens after I successfully complete the course? The Certificate of Completion can be downloaded from your account and printed within 30 minutes of passing the final quiz. You can then submit the certificate to your court and to your insurance company. We will also electronically report your completion to the (Texas Education Agency) TEA within 1-5 business days after your course completion.
  • If I take the defensive driving course for ticket dismissal purposes, but also wanted to receive an insurance discount, would that be possible? Yes. Anyone taking the course for traffic ticket dismissal is eligible for the insurance discount. You can print your completion certificate and send it over to your insurance company to receive a discount.
    • One certificate will be marked “Court Copy”
    • One certificate will be marked “Insurance Copy”
    If your insurance company offers a discount for taking a defensive driving course, the discount is usually applicable for 3 years. Be sure to check with your insurance company to confirm their policy. We can not guarantee your insurance company will accept this course for a lower rate. We suggest you get something in writing from your insurance carrier promising a lower rate.
  • How long do I have to complete the course and do you report my completion? Generally, you are given 90 days from the date requested to complete the defensive driving course. You will need to check your court documentation for this specific date as it’s on a case-by-case basis. We electronically notify the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) within five days of completion of the course. However, you are responsible for submitting your certificate to the court. A ticket will not be dismissed until submitted with an official original Uniform Certificate of Completion (and 3A Certified copy of your driving record, if required) to the court. To prove eligibility to take the driving safety course, most courts require submission of a copy of your driving record along with the certificate of completion of the defensive driving course. You will need to double check the court’s requirements. If the court requires submission of a copy of your driving record to them, we provide this service (certified driving record Version “3A” from the Texas Department of Public Safety) and you will receive your driving record the same day (Please note there is an additional fee of this, as required by the state). Alternatively, you may purchase your driving record from the Texas Department of Public Safety directly.
  • Are there chapter quizzes in the course? Yes. Each chapter is followed by a short 10 question multiple choice quiz. Passing these easy to read quizzes is required, but don’t worry, you will have three attempts to pass the chapter quiz if needed. Additionally, throughout the chapters, you will be presented with short informative videos. For each video, a related quiz must be passed in order to move forward. You will be required to pass the video quizzes in order to complete that chapter.
  • Is it possible to fail the defensive driving course? What would happen if I were to fail the course? Course failure is possible for the following reasons:
    1. A score of less than 70% (14 questions) on a unit quiz or the final 20-question multiple choice. However, two (2) additional opportunities to re-take each quiz are offered at no additional charge.
    2. Missing more than three (3) out of 10 identity questions asked throughout the course.
    TX regulations state that if you fail the course, you are NOT entitled to a refund, but you are eligible to re-register for the course and take it again from the beginning. You will be required to pay again when you re-register. Don't panic! All questions are multiple choice and are covered in the chapter material. In addition, you also have the option to print the chapter content for review.
  • What if I took the course for insurance discount purposes within the past 12 months, but then get a traffic ticket. Am I eligible to take the course again to dismiss my ticket even though it was less than 12 months ago that I took the course for insurance discount purposes? If you receive a traffic ticket after taking the course for insurance discount purposes, TX regulations permit you to take another driving safety class for ticket dismissal purposes if you haven’t had a ticket dismissed within 12 months. This is generally the reason that courts require that you submit a copy of your driving record; they are using the driving record to verify that you haven’t had any tickets dismissed within 12 months.
  • When do I have access to the course? There is access to the course 24/7 online for your convenience. If at any time there is a technical issue, please call us at 800-888-8526. One of our highly trained Student Experience Counselors will gladly assist you with any questions about the course. We are all rooting for you and praying for your success.